Features Designed to Ease the Pain of GDPR Compliance

We have carefully designed features to help you ease the pain of getting GDPR compliant, and then staying that way.

Easy Policy Builder

Create and update data policies at any time.

Single entry updates for any company changes, no time consuming rewrites.


Automatic system reminders for data activities for all responsible employees.

No need to remember yourself or pass paper reminders from desk to desk.


Create logged tickets for data events by department.

Define tasks to events which are automatically generated with the ticket.


Assign each task to an employee or department.

Employees are aware and accountable for their data tasks.

Flexible, Easy Setup

Follow the step by step questions regarding your current data procedures to automatically update your policies.

Mirror your company structure and data responsibilities.

  • Easy to use Data Audit process.
  • Policy builder with in built policy template ready to use.
  • Simply select the policy text blocks required by your business and publish to the relevant departments.
  • Quick and simple setup of company information, users and department groups.


Monitor key data activities across your business to ensure you are fully compliant.

Your DPO has the evidence required by the ICO to show full GDPR compliance at the touch of a button.